Selsun is an anti-dandruff scalp shampoo with 1% Selenium Sulfide that has superior performance in the elimination of dandruff (Pityriasis capitis) and itching. It has a double conditioner that provides synergic action for clean and healthy hair ensuring that your scalp stays dandruff-free.

Questions & Answers With Selsun Dandruff Specialist

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  • Why Dandruff Recur?
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Dandruff is a common scalp condition marked by flaking of the skin on your scalp. It is caused by unusual falling out of dead cells on the scalp as a result of overgrowth of fungus called Malassezia Globosa.

Besides, there are other secondary causes of dandruff like oily scalp, diet, stress, weather etc.

When washing your hair, you will find that your scalp appears dandruff free. However, the fungus causing dandruff is actively reproducing on your scalp thus causing the recurrence. The active ingredient Selenium Sulfide in Selsun Shampoo works to eliminate this fungus and helps to normalize the regeneration process of the scalp cells.

Dandruff can always be controlled. However, dandruff treatment may take patience and persistence. In general, treatment with anti-dandruff shampoo with Selenium sulfide as the main ingredient works effectively in the prevention and elimination of dandruff. It maintains a balance between skin cells moisture and proper production of scalp cells.

What is special about Selsun Shampoo?

Selsun shampoo is an anti-dandruff shampoo with a composition of 1% Selenium Sulfide.It has been formulated using Japanese Technology and as such has superior performance in fighting fungus causing dandruff.It effectively eliminates itching, flaking and scaling of the scalp.

It comes as a 2 in1 shampoo with conditioning treatment for clean and healthy hair and has a pleasant fruity fragrance.Selsun maintains and restores the strength and beauty of your hair leaving it free of dandruff.

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